Star Tournaments

Note: The Polls and Tournaments features of have been shut down. Unfortunately, too many people were “cheating” in order to get their favorite star to win the weekly poll. (Seriously. People were trying to spoof IP addresses to vote multiple times in a poll where winners receive nothing.) Thanks to everyone who participated. The past results will remain on the site.

What's a Star Tournament?

A Star Tournament is a collection of polls related to the same topic. Winners of each Preliminary Round advance to the Semi-Finals. During the Final Round, winners of the Semi-Finals battle for the crown of Star Tournament Winner. As Star Tournaments take several weeks to finish, there only happen once or twice each year. Current, future, and past tournaments appear below. Select the “View Star Tournament” link to see the details for any of the Star Tournaments.


List of Star Tournaments:
Best ASSets
Past Tournament
Pick the hottest ass. Winners of each of the 4 prelims will advance from the semi-finals to the final round.
Four Preliminary Rounds