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Matthew told me from the beginning that he's a little sexually curious about men. He was once involved in an orgy with a buddy when the thought of getting with him occurred. Since then the thought of what it would be like with another guy still crosses his mind; he just hasn't figured out how to make it happen. He came to his audition dressed like he was going to a job interview wearing slacks and a pink dress shirt. With the grey slacks already taut from the swelling beneath, I learned that he hadn't had sex for about 2 weeks. Suffice it to say, Matthew was feeling pretty horny that day. He unbuttons his shirt revealing his tan skin, slightly hairy developed pecs, and abs. After a few swipes of his hand over his slacks, he's ready to let his cock out of its prison. His pink prick pops out fully hard. He trims his pubes, but leaves a little hair surrounding his cock and covering his balls. He slides his hand slowly from head to tip, barely gripping the long pink dick. His slightly mussed hair crowns a heart shaped face that is slightly flushed. His chin has a distinct cleft and it is apparent he hasn't shaved for a few days. He bends over a chair still stroking, and shoves his ass in the air as if it's waiting to be penetrated by a finger, a tongue, or my cock. I resist the temptation and just enjoy the view of the faint ring of hair surrounding a perfect pink pucker. He lies back down on the couch, allowing me to get right in between his legs to get a perfect view of his engorged taint. His lips are slightly parted, and his brown eyes stay focused on the television across the room. His strokes begin to intensify and he is breathing harder. His flushed chest begins to heave with each breath and his legs become tense. Almost silently, cum gushes out of his dick coating his rippled abs and pooling near his patch of pubic hair. A few dollops stay stuck to the head of his dick, which he continues to massage in.


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